Your Go-To Shop in Dana Point!

“Everyone needs their go-to shop!” We have only been open since last September, so it was music to my ears when one of our best clients spoke those magical words as she was checking out. My sister and I were in the midst of our new website tutorial from Will at Unsung Studios – yes, this dinosaur is actually navigating into the world of technology  – when Jody, one of our best clients, called to say that she was on her way to meet her niece for a birthday lunch two doors down at Bonjour Café (if you haven’t been to this fabulous café yet, you must go because it’s one of the best spots for breakfast and lunch in Dana Point!). She said she would be at the shop in three minutes to pick up a succulent and a birthday card. When Jody ran in, I showed her three succulent arrangements while she signed the birthday card  and she chose one. Since she was in a hurry, we sent her on her way and said she could pay us later. When Jody returned to sea & sky, she told us we had become her new “go-to shop” and she didn’t know what she would do without us. Coming from a client who had purchased everything from furniture pieces to picture frames, this meant the world to us. We truly felt like we had arrived.
We all have that go-to shop – you know the one that you go to last-minute, pick out a gift, have it gift wrapped, sign a card, and are quickly on your way to your event. It’s the best. And now, guess what? sea & sky has become that shop to our wonderful client and many others who have shared the same sentiments when they have stopped by for the perfect gift.
When we opened sea & sky, our friend Laurie, who owns the fabulous Tuvalu shops, told us to be sure to carry picture frames, candles, and books – all the items that are easy for clients to pick up on the go – and items that I had always enjoyed picking up from Laurie’s beautiful shops. Not surprisingly, she was right! We carry a wide selection of those items, and then some – succulent arrangements, entertaining pieces, bath and body products, shells, corals, and unique home decor and garden items. So the next time you need a present for a friend, family member, or even yourself, please remember to stop by sea & sky, and let us become your new go-to shop!